Design Catwalk
ZATHEW ZHENG Monumental fashion

Hong Kongese designer Zathew Zheng proposes architecture through garments.

Zathew builds up this voluptuous one piece dresses inspired in ancient Greece, with complex and exuberant silhouettes like Corinthian marble columns raising in the horizon. Manipulating and draping fabrics like cotton jersey, printing striking patterns and choosing an eye catching palette, completed with a delicious chunky threads on the collar; she tries to prove that even though her garments are inspired in classical features they still have some hints of avant-gardism.

Zathews passion for drawing and fashion brought her to study fine arts, later on to the De Montfort University in Leicester, from where she graduated, being invited to show her graduate collection in the London Fashion week. After her studies she had great working experiences as designer assistant with designers such as Louis de Gama, Avshalom Gur and Bert Clayton. Now she works as a freelance fashion designer in Hong Kong and produces her own brand.

Vigorous colors and intricated shapes back from the past, monumental dresses for a modern elegance.



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