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Zana’s harnesses

Wikipedia says:
A harness is a looped restraint or support. It can also be referred to as an “hitcharness”, especially by the Jordanian Armed Forces. Specifically, it may refer to one of the following harness types:
Bondage harness, Child harness, Climbing harness, Dog harness, Horse harness, Parrot harness, Safety harness, Windsurfing harness and… Zana Bayne harness….. and this one is the one we are going to speak about.
According to “only a little more than two years ago when Bayne, who has a wild mop of black curls, pale skin, and a mostly black wardrobe, moved to Brooklyn unsure of how she’d make a living. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, she dropped out of high school at 15 with the blessings of her “open-minded” parents, took the G.E.D., and enrolled the following year in the San Francisco Art Institute, where she received a conceptual-art degree in New Genres.
As documented on her blog Garbage Dress, she made her first harness in 2008 after she saw a woman in London wearing something that looked to her like “a belt with suspenders” over a shirtdress. Soon friends and fans of her blog began placing orders for her harnesses and her business grew and grew. She was finally able to quit her day job earlier this year to sell her leather design.”

Than Nicola Formichetti with Gaga, Terry Richardson with Chloe Sevigny, Katy Perry and Ciara came.

Dear Zana,
J-It must be obvious, but having success at 23 means you are very strong and clear in your mind.
How do you feel about yourself, your attitude?
Z-Since the beginning, my company has been about progression. I have not necessarily had one specific goal in
mind, only to work as hard as I can – the result being a steady increase in production, intensity, etc. I am happy
with what I am doing (creating things), but as most artists I am also very critical and quick to move onto new
projects. Luckily for me, the fashion industry is an incredibly fast-moving machine, which is a constantly creates
the challenges of deadlines and innovation. At times it can be overwhelming, but I would much rather push myself
every day than stay comfortably stagnant.
J-How do you get inspired and how you practically start to build your collection?
Z-My process of inspiration is pretty organic – bits of research, bits of observation, some thought towards fantasy
and other thought towards practicality. I usually begin with certain shapes that I want to create on the body. I like
to sketch out my design ideas until I have a clear piece. From there, another idea might form – I go through this
process of drawing & reexamining old sketchbooks until a theme or a vision comes through. Other times I have
direct reference points, such as the idea of the Torero & his embellished uniform, which acted as starting place
for my Fall/Winter collection.
J-What are you dreaming about?
Z-I dream about vacation, but once I get away from New York I instantly become anxious to return back.
J-You live in NY and you briefly lived in Berlin. Would you like to live in Europe?
Z-I love Berlin – I felt amorous towards the city from the moment I stepped off of the plane during my first. There
is an ability to use spaces for more abstract artistic purposes, in ways that would require large sums of money and
impossible permits in New York! That being said, I love living in Brooklyn, and can not imagine leaving the New
York & all of its conveniences. Its quite an epicenter for the design community, and an incredible breeding ground
for collaborative projects! So I think Europe will remain a place that I love to visit, but not make my home. Plus I
don’t speak any other languages (and I’m not proud of it).
J-Many talented and famous artists wear your pieces_Who would you love to see who has not yet? Who’s the one we
don’t know you’d like to introduce us (a friend, someone who really understands your work and adds something to
Z-It is truly an honor when I find someone who is high profile wearing something of mine, but what I really love is
when people integrate my work into their own style, especially when they wear it in a way I had never imagined!
I’ve seen friends flip harnesses upside down, put them backwards, intertwine them with other garments…that to
me is some of the greatest fulfillment! I also love seeing my pieces worn by people who have a completely
different style than my own, as it keeps my mind open.

grazie! baci


Zana Bayne Leather • Look Book 2011 from Char Alfonzo on Vimeo.


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