Design Catwalk
The artistic layering of Yincheng Lu

Yincheng Lu is a recent graduate from London College of Fashion doing BA Fashion Design Technology Womensewar (HONS).

Her collection, “The Third Sex”, refers to “The Androgyne” as explained by Plato in Symposium, telling about the lifelong love and attachment of one human being to another by an elaborate fantasy about how present day humans are each half of an original whole; once separated, the halves desire nothing other than to be reunited.

This collection is her personal search for  “the completion of our destiny”.

What I love here is the subtle choice of colours, the layerings that recall sometimes the pages of a book, sometimes the effect you get when you are between two mirrors, an endless repetition of the image. I also love the research done for a new concept of shoes, not to talk about the illustrations, very Sonia Delaunay style, where the layers are obtained by collage. They will be soon hanging on my walls!



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