Design Catwalk
WHITE and VOGUE Introduce

Franca Sozzani . Pure elegance

Massimiliano Bizzi . White team

Fedor Vozianov

Alessandro Dell’Acqua

Michael Tetteh Nartey and Alexander Helle . Norwegian Rain

Vivì Ponti . Vivetta

Alain Quilici

The designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua has selected and awarded Crown Leather as one of the emerging designer
of  the event “INSIDE WHITE”.

The project “WHITE  and VOGUE Introduce” has been the protagonist of a party held at the Grand Hotel et de Milan organized for about 400 people among which the editor of Vogue Italy Franca Sozzani, Alessandro Dell’Acqua. Some of the designers selected: Fedor Vozianov, Michael Tetteh Nartey and Alexander Helle of Norwegian Rain, Alain Quilici and TÔ Long-Nam. The Italian Martina Grasselli has been selected for her collection of jewels COLIAC.


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