Design Catwalk
When I’m good, I’m very good. But when I’m bad, I’m better. is this a woman without man?

Connie Bellantonio “Ritratti”

Daniela Carati “In un modo o in un altro”

Francesca Galliani in “je suis superbe”, kind of recalling Irina Ionesco

Mery Ellen Mark “Sul set di Satirycon di Fellini”

Zoè Gruni”Copricorpo 1″

Dorothy Hong “Sway girls”

Silvia Levenson “Something wrong”

Paola Mongelli

Shirin Neshat “Mahdokht”


BLAME the botox

CRASH through the indolence

DEAL with magic

ENHANCE your consciousness

FACE your ambition

GRAB your chance

HOST the passion


JAR the japs

KILL the hypocrisy


MAKE joyful noise

NOTIFY your attitude

OVERDO the differences

PERSUE the uncertainity

QUIT the indifference

RERSERVE your hate

SPEAK in a loud voice


UNFOLD yourself

VIOLATE the sanctuary

ZERO fill the stupidity

This is the ALPHABET (Iacona 2009) for the exhibition « Bad Girls : good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere » held in two spaces in Piazza Invrea at the 4r and the 5b, in Genova.

43 artists – three generations of contemporary female artists:  Marina Abramovic, Vanessa Beecroft,  Connie Bellantonio, Stefania Beretta, Daniela Carati,  Silvia Camporesi, Sandra Chiesa,  Alessia De Montis, Niki De Saint-Phalle,  Tracy Emin, Ivana Falconi,  Limbania Fieschi, Francesca Galliani,  Nan Goldin,  Zoé Gruni,  Dorothy Hong,  Meret Oppenheim, Carla Iacono,  Mirta Kokalj,  Noris Lazzarini, Silvia Levenson, Manon, Federica Marangoni,  Mary Ellen Mark,  Malena Mazza,   Paola Mongelli, Charlotte Moormann, Shirin Neshat, Anna Oberto,  Yoko Ono,  Orlan,  Gina Pane, Alessandra Pedonesi,  Carol Rama,  Elettra Ranno,  Bettina Rheims, Gretta Sarfaty, Carolee Schneemann  Sandy Skoglund, Berty Skuber,  Kiki Smith, Alessandra Vinotto,  Laura Zicari for an autoironic message starting in the 40ies and arriving to nowadays, chosen by the curators Caterina Gualco and Clelia Belgrado

Related to the exhibition I went to Odeon (Florence) during its new venture “The Screen of Arts” to watch Shirin Neshat’s film, “Women without Men” , which was presented at Venice Biennale with a green carpet.

I was very upset I could not go to the meeting with the director because of a winter storm that kept me prisoner on the hill where I live.

Terrible yet fascinating faces, bodies recalling painting history in the hammam, and Ophelia, one of my favourite figures ever, even if all very artificial images, still give a portrait of a reality with universal feelings.



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