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Vivienne Westwood Man in Ice and Rain Forest

During Milano ModaUomo I went to the Vivienne Westwood show in corso Venezia. The show featured a contemporary Ötzi, a kind of defrosted Neanderthal man, a traveller in elegant checked suits or fun sporty printed leggins, with backpack and coloured male melissa plastic shoes or embroidered house slippers.

The frosted beards were there to focus our attention on the responsabilities we have for dangerous ice melt in the world’s ecosystem.

I felt at home beacause Ötzi is austrian-italian as I am… so I went with no fear to the backstage right after the last model to meet him and get to know him better. Back there I made this video of andreas kronthaler, who wears a beard like he does and designs the male collection with his wife Vivienne, while he was explaining the reasons of the rainforest t-shirt all models were wearing for the finale (unfortunately this one was very hard to take


In between all the classical male fabrics I liked the colour accents and the crazy prints, but most of all I enjoyed having dinner next to Vivienne on a roof apartment later that night and chatting with the many austrians in her staff. I also got a push to go on with the little thing that can help the planet: I always annoy friends and collegues asking them to recycle, and sometimes I feel stupid too, but seeing her worry about left over plastic plates at her own party, taking care that they weren’t thrown away, made smile satisfied.

If I am, at least, I am a pain in the neck as She is!


pics by paolocolaiocco more backstage pics on the fb page

pics by kristinnkis


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