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Vivetta, peaches and lovely horror

Julikafrombudapest: Hi Vivetta, I met you first back in university days but we never had the chance to really get to know each other. But since the first collection pieces I saw come out I loved your brand so much, and I started following you on your fan page and facebook profile. It felt nice to read you spontaneous feelings about your professional life changes, of some happiness, if you allow me to say that, coming from the realization of mental and physical work and also inspiring collaboration with friends of similar sensibility (Ilenia Corti Ed). How really were the last 2 years? Is it really fun?

Vivetta: The first steps were hard: my first collection was not produced: I gave it to a showroom that did not sell even one piece. Anyway I didn’t lose heart and I went on. In 2008 I won who’s next (premiere classe), fresh lounge competition and gained so the possibility to participate for free at the trade show in september that year; there my first clients and Vivetta met and the story started.
I sacrificed a lot and I still do it but it is fun. Every day something new happens and I start to be recognized by people of the fashion system that makes many things easier. Selling in Italy is more difficult; the buyers aren’t as open minded and fresh as the international ones. I love my job but I know I would not do this for someone else; I work at night, there’s no weekend of course because sat and sundays the manufacturers and clients are closed and I have my time to concentrate on researching and designing the collection.
Peaches showed interest for my collection and wanted to see some new pieces for NY fashion week and for her program at NylonTv, so I seazed the opportunity and having her for real customer I asked Peaches if she wanted to pose for my advertasing campaign. She accepted and I gave her some pieces she liked! I asked Ilenia ( for help, ’cause even if she’s not a professional photographer we have a great creative harmony, and we decided to involve Loulou Androlia ( for her beautiful bows and started shooting in a cheap and creepy hotel in London: it was an adventure, we lost the return flight to Italy but we did it.

Here pics of her a-w 2011 collection and the great advertising campaign with model Peaches Geldof and concept by Ilenia Corti; one image of her first shooting where I love also the set; and mother and daughter as “Comptoir des Vivettas”.

p.s: Vivetta is offering an internship in Milan: skills in hand drawing, draping and/or pattern making needed. accurate, punctual, cat lover. send message for info (no cv) to



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