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“Wunderbuzz”, celebrating inspiring women

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon a lovely made blog whose pages were full of inspiring pictures from the past…from the work of famous photographers to snaps of common people, landscapes and portraits. Beautiful pictures, both colour and black and white, put together to tell stories. It was a joy to look at. Needless to say I bookmarked it at once amongst my “favourites”. This website, whose name is Wunderbuzz, is now part of the AnOther Magazine blog network and has now a brand-new look and a more specific aim…to “Celebrate Inspiring Women”.
The mind behind it is the Danish but east London-based Signe Kassow, a Contemporary Art postgraduate who is currently studying for a MA in film & screen studies. I had the pleasure to have a little chat with her…

What is the idea behind Wunderbuzz and when did you start it?

I started Wunderbuzz in 2008, when I was living in Copenhagen. It was fueled by a need to share and collect my everyday inspirations. Since the launch of Wunderbuzz, I have moved to London and changed my course of study towards a more visual approach. In this period of transaction, I felt like I had to change Wunderbuzz as well. The femininity and celebration of women has been apparent from the early start in the visual style of the featured photography, the topics in the posts and the design of the site. Therefore I thought it was only natural to focus even more on this, and I recently relaunched the site as a community committed to the intellectual, artistic and visionary pursuits of the Twenty-first century woman.

Wunderbuzz is like a digital “Wunderkammer” in a way…What would your Wunderkammer look like? What would you keep in it?

That is exactly how I see Wunderbuzz as well. It started out as my own personal “Wunderkammer” and has now turned into a collective space I share with my contributors. So if Wunderbuzz is my digital Wunderkammer, my psysical Wunderkammer
would look very much like my workspace at home. It is filled with postcards. I have this rule, that everytime I go to an exhibition, I have to buy a postcard. I love to look at them, it is my physical way of collecting photographs I guess. Also, my Wunderkammer is filled with books. I love books, and I love buying vintage books because it always make me wonder who the person who read the book before me was.

Your site often combines texts with beautiful old photographs. Name some of your favorite inspirations from the past…

That is a tough question, because I have so many which makes it difficult to choose. I’m very inspired by Dorothy Parker’s witty
poems, I like Susan Sontag’s writings, and I have just read “By myself” by Lauren Bacall, which I thought was very inspiring. Of
films, I love all the films of Annabelle’s dances from 1894-1897, I think the Japanese film “Tokyo Story” is absolutely beautiful, and I love old Hollywood films like “To have and have not” with Bogart and Bacall. Regarding photography, I love looking at photographs by Edward Muybridge, Karl Blossfeldt, Dorothea Lange, Henri-Cartier Bresson, Franceska Woodman and many more.

Some of the posts on Wunderbuzz are inspired by fashion…How do you relate to it? Is it an inspiration for you as well?

Wunderbuzz started out being more about fashion than it is today, so I have definitely moved more away from it with time. But it is not because I dislike fashion, I just want to look at it in a different way. I don’t find the final “fashion product” very interesting,
instead I want to know what led up to it. I’m more interested in what happens before something becomes in fashion. In a way, I’m more interested in the poetry before fashion, if that makes sense. It’s the same thing if every fashion designer were inspired by what was featured in a fashion magazine instead of the world outside fashion. It is this world I want to know more about.

What are Signe’s dreams and next steps for Wunderbuzz?

The next steps for Wunderbuzz is to collaborate with more people, and hopefully improve the content even more. I’m very interested in creating a sort of community with people interested in contributing with their work. I hope to create collaborations that can evolve from being digitally based into being actual physically based as well. My dreams are to be happy with the people I surround myself with, and the things I do.



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