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Vintageville . Grete Stern, lady of illusion

One can be born with a talent. Miss Grete Stern’s talent was that she could turn dreams into reality.

Not bad, huh? I know you wish you had this power too. But it was not always easy I tell you. Professor Freud would have found a lot to get his teeth into…because in Grete Stern’s turned-into-reality dreams are crowdred with eyes without a face, pretty female bums, giant tortoise-man wearing a suit, endless ladders and so on and so forth…Now I bet you would like to know a little more about this german-born lady who used to wear round glasses.

Miss Stern moved to Argentina because of the Third Reich and there she contributed to a local women’s magazine, “Idilio”, with her photo-collages for a column entitled “Psychoanalysis will help you” (see, I knew our friend Sigmund must have had something to do with it!). Her photomontages, called Sueños (dreams), are an ideal conjunction between dada collage and surreal photography and she had this peculiar ability to make the impossible become possible, to release feelings and fears that looking at her works once is far more relieving than 10 psychologist sessions. In a row. Seeing is believing…



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