Design Catwalk
Valery Kovalska

According to what she tells me Valery really runs very fast up into the fashion world.

In her FB profile I can see Russian Fashion week, Ukrainian Fashion Week, London Fashion Week….but I saw her work at KFD: unfortunately, with all the things happening I didn’t have that much time to talk to her and so the very short interview left me just with more questions about how it can happen fast in the right place at the right moment (and the right talent of course).

Valery Kovalska answering my mail:

“I used to work as a stylist for a long time. One day I understood that I could do a full collection pret-a-porter. So this is how it started.
My clothes are developed and designed for young people but the prices are not that low so everyone could afford it. This is why the only way for the Ukranian fashion industry to grow is to become less expensive for the same good quality.
On KFD I’ve shown my collection named “Professional Suicides”. The idea of making it came to me from the attitude between human and nature. Nowadays people disrespect gifts that nature gives them, they take everything they want in enormous amounts and never give back. They are consumers from the very beginning of their life and even don’t realise it.

Truly speaking they are killing themselves with such behaviour.

If they are against forces of nature they are suicides.

In creating process everything starts from the mood that I would like to share in the collection. So the designs and show scenes come after the mood concept is done.
I don’t think that I have a huge experience by being a fashion designer. I’m designing since about a year, so it’s pretty new to me, but fashion can not exist without business and this is why I need to think in that way too.
There are a lot of fashion designers from other countries that I admire and also music is my major inspiration.

About Courtney it’s a commercial secret. (my special question ^_^ I loved Courtney when she came “back to life” and even if her image was very commercial it was very well created: still strong -julika)

I’m on my way of integration to the world fashion.”

I love her men’s designs and her way to treat image a lot…you can see she has worked on image-and she has a very strong attitude. Her own image could be a brand itself….maybe that’s a particular character of this country: btw did you know Carine Roitfeld‘s father was Ukrainian too?



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