Design Catwalk
Typonotes: types are all about emotions

We are getting used to think about fashion as a business. Fashion makes a lot of money, money makes the world go round and so on. Still what makes a brand unique or a designer special lies in the concept and vision at its core. And, if you – like me – are used to live this world from the inside, you can easily see ¬†when a project is business and money oriented, or when it’s focused on concept and research.

Typonotes is all about emotions and passion. The brand has been showcased at Pitti Immagine Uomo 82, in a minimalistic and stylish graphical black and white stand by two young and talented Italian designers, Bianca Borri and Alessio Piccini, which also have their own design and videomaking studio in Florence, Funky Fresh Factory.

Typonotes is not only a cool collection of eight tshirts, but a whole project made by videos, music, typography, where fashion is just a media to translate it all into reality. Bianca says: I attended a course in typography at Central Saint Martins in London and I came back full of enthusiasm about what I learned on fonts, their history and peculiarities. Soon this enthusiasm was translated togheter with Alessio into a project where we decided to choose 4 different fonts and associate them to a drum beat, because as you like or dislike a certain typographic font because it communicates to you different feelings, so you do with music. We want to communicate to all the people that types, like music, are all about emotions.

I love when a project is so cool and personal and tries to communicate a concept through various media, I love it when in a business fair as Pitti is I see such a genuine enthusiasm that has a little to do with business and a lot to do with ideas and passion.



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