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TIME TRAVEL INTO FASHION 150 years of fashion in Italy

Fashion, one of the main elements in the contemporary Italian culture. Torino Italian crib of witch craft, Industrial city, full of contrasts between old and new, art and history; hosts one of the most representative exhibitions for Italian fashion of all the times, commemorating the 150 years of the Italian unity.
It is a time travel into the last 150 years in Italian fashion, gathering the most representative Italian couturieres and designers, from the Risorgimento Italiano in the mid 1800 s until the contemporary fashion in the mid 2000 where the Italian fashion protagonists such as Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Gianni Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci and so on take place.
Real historical pieces; costumes of cinema classics like Giuseppe Tomassi´s Il Gattopardo interpreted by Claudia Cardinale, to the iconic Fellini´s Dolce Vita interpreted by the exuberant blonde Anita Ekberg, shoes by Ferragamo for Marilyn Monroe, and many other divas; futurism, post war up to the pret a porter style of the 80´s.
Almost 200 pieces between historical, cinematographic and contemporary  fashion in the spectacular venue La Venaria Reale, an amazing castle in the outskirts of Torino. More than a fashion statement, this exhibition showed me were all about style, craft and passion for Fashion in Italy came from.



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