Design Catwalk
The Liberty Way To Tie A Scarf

Dries Van Noten

The Oversized Scarf: Lauranne is using an oversized scarf from Richard Weston’s AW10 collection of scarves, sold exclusively at Liberty.

The Bow Tie: Lauranne uses an Etro silk scarf to tie a bow around her neck.

The Plait: Lauranne uses two scarves for this style and you may need someone to help you out with this one, she uses the exclusive Grayson Perry for Liberty scarves.

The Chiffon Knot: Lauranne Plat, talks us through her favourite ways to tie a scarf using Meg Mathews’ skull chiffon scarf, designed exclusively for Liberty.

I was puzzling over how a lot of guys have recently a scarf that’s perfectly matched with the outfit they wear and that’s always perfectly wrapped around their neck. Are they students who have learned how to tie a knot in a nautical course? Or maybe have they seen The Liberty Way To Tie A Scarf? It’s clearly most likely that the second option happens ;). Of course I’m joking but look at what Liberty has created as viral courses, it’s certainly thought for scarves addicted. Scarves that we can rolling, with which we can create a chiffon knot to place on our head, we can also tie a bow around the neck, in short, all that we can do with a scarf. Watch also their gorgeous blog (Iboughtalibertyscarf) where their customers have sent several shots with really  stunning looks. A smart idea that gives us a lot of cool solutions. Go Lauranne! Seen that I’m a scarf fan, I have so much to learn from you!



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