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The future of Italian menswear has a name . Andrea cammarosano

Italians are bright stars, I heard someone saying that there’s a lot of old stuff in fashion lately and that the big names are always the same. Sadly saying, it’s somehow true, but thanks God, not everything let us think that Italian give up with their imagination only because their country is stuck in a political situation that’s closer to a catastrophe than a real democracy.

Most of the problems I think are connected to the fact that what’s really missing in Italy is a political force that is ready to really support and devotedly believe in new fashion talents. Such negligence by the authorities makes them some sort of betrayers of a field that is still saving Italy from an economical collapse, since that the fashion firms bring at the “pizza and mandolino” country a significant contribution for its survival and that, thanks to them, we are postponing the country finance default from the tragic death of the glitter empire.

But the good news is that if you’ve touched by the beauty of this country, even if you decide to go away and travel the world, to study fashion in Antwerp and then coming back and teaching in Florence, you’ve always bring with you something impossible to get rid of called “passion and talent”. Of course I believe that beauty is everywhere, but it is also true that it is not in everything and when you find a talent like Andrea Cammarosano, I think that supporting its magician on creating mesmerizing collections is an important thing that still can give a hope for the future of Italian youngsters.

Enza Morello




Morethanlove . Creative director and Editor in Chief
She’s born in the same day of the fashion icon Diana Vreeland, she covered the role of communication consultant for both national and international fashion brands, Enza is Design Catwalk Digital Director and founder, her work as Art Director includes the likes of: Lacoste, Ermenegildo Zegna, Grand Hotel et de Milan, Digital director for WHITE Fashion show.


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