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Ghosts of the Xmas Past: FURBALLS

Tanner Almon is a photographer, a film-maker as well as an author and poet. He is a true artist of the French Académia of the 18th century. He is what is called a great visionary and let’s be honest all the good ones are ones that think way out of the box!

My obsession with Furballs is quite obvious I think, from my picture in the team page. And I fell in love with Tanner Almon and his lovely wife Vicki’s last year’s Christmas sequence. The story of the furball series is what Tanner calls: A Christmas miracle. Tanner begged Santa for a Fuji Instax Mini Camera funny enough he got a from Santa- or his wife really- and they went to visit his parents in Baltimore to exchange gifts.

Tanner got Furball hats to the women in the house and they got pretty upset because it wasn’t the gift they were expecting. Needless to say Vicki brought the unwanted gifts with them on the way back and the Furball story began. Tanner Almon experiences with other subjects too of course, involving Vicki again and creating photographs that are I-D material, namely:Apocalyptic Bunko and the Red Heads Dead Beds.

I love especially this story because its childlike and immaculate. It is without a doubt pure imagination and fun. Be as frivolous as you can this year and the next year, and the next year and the next. As it is the only way to be different and living life lightly. Merry christmas and have a happy Furball year!
niente by nil

Red Heads in Dead Bed


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