Design Catwalk
Studio Pretzel at WHITE fashion show . It’s time to wear your city

Shoot the skyline of your city or a sunset, shoot a bush if it may become a texture, shoot whatever you like… in the last years is more and more probable to get the view of our cities on people bodies instead that in an art gallery. Landscapes are the favorite subjects of Studio Pretzel latest collection, presented at the June edition of WHITE Fashion Show and totally handmade in Tuscany.




Morethanlove . Creative director and Editor in Chief
She’s born in the same day of the fashion icon Diana Vreeland, she covered the role of communication consultant for both national and international fashion brands, Enza is Design Catwalk Digital Director and founder, her work as Art Director includes the likes of: Lacoste, Ermenegildo Zegna,┬áDigital director for WHITE Fashion show.



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