Design Catwalk
Stine Riis: Decadence & Decay

Stine Riis is an upcoming graduate of London College of Fashion, selected in September 2011 as “Best Student Worldwide” by Italian Vogue.

Her F/W 2011 ready-to-wear collection ‘Decadence & Decay’ is an investigation into the inter-relation between form and decay: her collection incorporates a range of luxurious fabrics (wool, silk, patent leather, fur) to examine time’s invisible hand in transfiguring sculptures. In a media saturated society, mindlessly chasing “newness” regardless of merit, Stine Riis’s creations champion a fine-hewed beauty whose allure intensifies with the passing of time. Analogous to the Japanese tradition of filling the cracks of broken porcelain with gold, Ms. Riis’s work celebrates the damages inflicted and overcome. These are not clothes that exist in a moment of time but rather stretch to illuminate the passing of lifetimes.

What I liked the most in the collection, was the different use of the most diverse materials, also in the details, like the patent leather pockets on the coats. Then the garments themselves are conceptual yet very wearable, a thing that I appreciate very much in freshly graduate talents like Stine.



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