Design Catwalk
So many fans in Seville, at the Royal Alcazar

In August although the weather was really hot, I decided to fly to Spain and take a ride to the warm Seville, (I born in South Italy after all where temperature reach Moroccon’s climate). Once there I could not help but visit the Royal Alcázar, that’s probably after the “Pietà di Michelangelo”, the most amazing work of art I’ve ever seen in my life, where walls are rich in meticulously carved drawings that look like laces.

Stepping through the building rooms, I ended up on seeing a cute fans exhibition in the Cuarto del Almirante. Below a parade of beautiful fans made with mother of pearl, ivory, rice paste, gold and silver, seashell, ostrich feather, amber ribs, cloth, silk, Brussels and Chantilly laces, horn. A bunch of materials all mixed togheter with different styles and wonderful results.

Along with the espadrillas the fans are typical spanish accessories and for this reason it wasn’t such a surprise seeing there an exhibition like this, but this small jewelry are friends to appreciate and reuse in the hot summer.

For the record in the park of the Alcàzar there’s a funny family of peacocks that I followed taking almost 40 pics.

During the summer holidays, it happened to me to see a bride in every place I visited, below the spanish one, a stylish white wedding that recalls the shapes all over the dress.



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