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What if Mickey turned punk? Sister by Sibling


Sibling is now a cult knitwear label, born in 2008 out of a collaboration by the three designers Joe Bates, Sid Bryan and Cozette McCreery, to give knitwear for men a kick. Now Sibling is paired by a womanswear line: Sister by Sibling, characterized by the same ironic punkish spirit.

The presentation of the collection was styled by the acclaimed stylist Katie Grand, and it featured models wearing sparkling sequined masks topped by oversized pompoms recalling Mickey Mouse’s ears, which matched perfectly the jacquard knits with a skull-Mickey and crossed bones. To complete everything, animalier prints, long angora in neon colors, that looked like Barbie’s hair… Barbie was actually one of their sponsors, reason why they also made a smaller version of the collection to fit the dolls.

About Sister the designers say: On the SIBLING family tree SISTER is on the branch right next to brother SIBLING so you can expect colour, humour, sparkle and that everything will be knitted.




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