Design Catwalk
Si Chan: hug me, coat.

Among the many items that I happen to design in my daily practice as a fashion designer, from socks to coats, there is one that never ceases to annoy me. It’s the duvet coat, for which the brief is always asking for “something classic, but with a twist.”

I have to admit that in fact I’m not really that into duvet coats. I never happen to see them when i travel outside of Italy, and so I’m used to associate them to the ??Moncler duvets worn by rich Italians.

That ‘s why discovering the playful, bold take on the duvet coat by Si Chan was a real pleasure to me.

Hugs, communication, interest, fun, a bit ‘of sensuality, comfort and protection, warmth, memory, childhood, happiness, letting go: these, in the words of the designer, the key concepts of her Graduation Collection 2012.

Tough I really appreciate the charm of fashion being taken seriously, with rigor and minimalism, I can’t deny being intrigued by collections like this that manage to bridge the gap between designer and audience enganging emotions and senses in a novel, playful way.



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