Design Catwalk
Frayed pastel sculptures: Shweta Kapur

Finally, spring has come, at least here in Italy. And I’m awakening from my long winter shopping void, with a brand new hunger for everything light, airy, colorful, mainly pastels – everywhere this season. That’s the first impression I got from Shweta Kapur’s collection from her BA in fashion technology at London College of Arts.

Heavily inspired by the works of Henry Moore, this debut collection explores the possibility of distortion in our clothes. Looking back at the evolution of our clothes from the overly grand silhouettes of the past to the simpler cuts of today, the collection questions the possibility of distortion being where fashion goes next. The collection draws inspiration and elements from Henry Moore’s drawings of his sculptures. His technique of rendering led to the development of textiles and the use of excessive fraying all over the garments. The shape draws attention to the shoulder and the hips while beautifully framing the body.

I found particularly interesting the frayed finish of the fabrics: the layering of different frayed textiles gives an impression of unfinished lightness that fit very well the sculptural shapes of the garments.



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