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Rombaut is still Vegan, and kiks at Pitti Uomo

Rombaut is a young Belgian brand very loved by Design Catwalk team, both for their vegan view of fashion than for their deep love for style, we’ve been at pitti uomo this season and we found a very interesting brand new collection.

With a unisex footwear collection, totally vegan and ethical, Mats Rambaud balances himself in the world of fashion commerce and trend like the fencers he took inspiration from.

His impact on the fashion/green fashion dichotomy has been a success through and through demonstrating that it is possible to avoid even small compromise.

“Change is the only constant as the greek philosopher heraclitus once said. That is certainly true when it comes to fashion. Paris based twenty six year old mats rombaut is part of a new generation of designers working in an innovative and life-friendly way”.

Interview – by Bruno Pieters | read on –

“With all the waste on this planet and the growth in population and consumption, we are obliged to think about solutions to reduce our impact. One of these solutions is to develop innovative materials.”

Review – by Zoe Dickens | read on –

“It’s a rarity to find such a pointed balance of style and global conscience today, so there’s no wonder Rombaut is causing a stir in green fashion circles.”

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juliana de nicola. Senior Fashion and Art Editor
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