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Rombaut: avantgarde ecofriendly footwear

I knew it was a matter of time before someone did it. Something eco-friendly, but extremely edgy, cool, desirable, fashionable. A new eco-friendly awareness is arising: call it a fashion, or something deeper, but it’s certainly something not to be underestimated. Yet, “eco-friendly” is a concept too often associated to a generic hippy-unfashionable feel, which make people think about ethical products whitout an aesthetic sense.

Rombaut is an “all-natural avantgarde footwear concept designed for a more balanced future” by the 26 year old Belgian designer Mats Rombaut who is based in Paris, France.

After accumulating over five years experience in accessory development and production in Paris with prestigious design houses such as Lanvin and Damir Doma, he decided to run for this solo project, an all-natural avantgarde footwear concept artisanally crafted in Italy, representing a unique crossover between high fashion and ecological awareness, eliminating toxic and animal derived substances in the process.

The designer says:

It started as a challenge; I wanted to make a 100% plant-based shoe. The concept came first and the design second, because the design had to be adapted to the concept. The inspiration behind the collection is simply shoes that I would like to wear: minimalist, angular cuts, monochrome color palette, referencing classic shoe models mixed with contemporary elements. The main material is tree bark, sustainably harvested in Uganda. Other materials are coconut fiber, natural rubber from trees in the Amazon and Sri Lanka, as well as cotton. I believe more customers will look at the desirability of a garment in terms of its creativity, origin and uniqueness. Wearing the skin of an animal is no longer a sign of taste or privilege, making an educated decision is.



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