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Redheads sisters play dancers

After the famous Kessler sisters, twins popular in Europe from the 1950s and 1960s for their singing, dancing and acting, there is another siblings couple that is gaining ground in being worldwide recognized.

Red hair, same outfits and synchronized body language, better known as Maddy and Monette, these two sisters have been the protagonists of Maja Daniels photographic work.

Maja Daniels is a Swedish independent photographer based in London, her work focuses on social documentary and portraiture with an emphasis on human relations in a western, contemporary environment.

Maja says: “Monette and Maddy do not just share a close relationship as sisters; as a couple they act, model and dance together and the city of Paris is their main stage.”

I’m very fascinated by twins, every time I see two similar faces, I start to wonder how situations can affect the two of them differently and if emotionally they react in the same way.

It’s easy to see similarity on physical features, more difficult to get these differences under the skin, where all the emotional sphere relies and the vision of world can be not so identical at all.



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