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Raphael Hauber or how to translate Google Earth into fashion

Recently I read an article talking about the human influence on landscapes as seen by Google Earth. The article stressed how much more evident is the intervention of the man on nature, if seen through this media, as exemplified by a photo depicting the border between fields and virgin forest in Brazil. That was impressive, but more than making me think about how sustainable we are, I have to admit I was struck by the beauty of some of those images, that looked like beautiful abstract compositions. From that height, you see no garbage, you smell no pollution: you just see the random, unconscious perfection of the union of man constructions and nature colours.

Raphael Hauber must have thought the same, since his SS12 collection is inspired by rural landscapes seen on Google Earth. The collection reflects the human intervention in nature, through asymmetries, graphic elements, inserts, contrasted fabrics, digital prints from satellite pictures, colours of the rainforest, for an overall fresh & sporty silhouette.

Rather than focusing on common trends, this inspiration comes from current cultural, social and aesthetic topics, exclusive to this moment: our planet changes fast… and so does fashion.


(images via Google Earth)


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