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Paul&Alice . Korean Love

There is a store in Milan that sells Korean clothes (along Paolo Sarpi street . Chinatown area). Even if it sells incredible cool things with high standard design, it’s not so famous, maybe because from the outside it appears like a Chinese supply store. Every time I go there, I need a checkbook, I want almost everything, the last time I bought sweaters, dresses, coats and some scarf… too many.

Among the other things I have a lot of coats that lie in my closet and that have never been used; sometimes I buy many more things that I really need (a bad habit that I’m going to get rid of). But if once I was overcome by feelings of guilt because of this attitude, now I don’t thing too much about it. I thought that if you consider all your clothes as pieces of art, you can collect your favorite ones as they were sculptures (highly imaginative but unlikely).

I recently discovered that one of the brands I fell in love months ago has been also designed in Korea, Paul & Alice is indeed a curious name for a Korean collection, but their work is stunning. I don’t know if it’s becoming an obsession, but there is something in the way Korean do fashion that inspires me a lot, there is something French in their way of creating, they have elegant taste. Paul & Alice have presented for this winter a collection very wearable and sophisticated.

Unlike many collections that you would not know how to match, the design here defines a perfect daily look; appearing at first as very simple, it’s full of gorgeous details. I love the construction of the shirts, they are rich in personality. They designed minimal and Avant-garde pieces desecrating classic ones like trench coats and suits. The result creates a calm and decisive character with a strong personality.



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