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Paris Fashion Trip 2011

The collections in Paris were wonderful, we missed the real catwalks for business reasons, so we decided to choose our favorite ones according to new languages of style and lines.

So many brands are facing the future with both upcoming and well known designers who will surely bring new creations with unexpected mingling. Paco Rabanne was one of these, Manish Arora has definitely raised the brand, creating figures coming from a parallel universe, I thought I saw modern cool aliens wearing a personal interpretation of the metal forms he transformed completely.

Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri’s collection maintained a very high standard of the romantic taste of Valentino history, the leather choice for red looks (quite similar to films) and the transparencies of volumes and shapes are definitely sophisticated. The collection of Chanel seemed designed by a graphic designer that through lines created geometric shapes with a result  in the same time minimal and elegant. Lagerfeld‘s genius rediscovered cliffs and architectural structures, the shape of the body faded into the background by hosting an abstract figure. Although the collection by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen was based on the three G: Stoneware, Gaia and Gaudi, there were many references to nature as main theme, clothes were transformed in corals while laces became sophisticated marine sponges. I saw swans playing like humans and juxtaposition of identities hidden through luxury fabrics. MIU MIU’s spring collection was a mix of austerity and some déjà vu, with very cool high waisted skirt, but I never expected to see curtain lace in this catwalk, at least Miu Miu catwalk, don’t ask me why. I loved the satin in the off the shoulder coat, both for shapes than for color choice.

There are many others masterpieces of course you can see below in a great parade of style, it’s like a dolls house sometimes, where you can imaginary choose your new wardrobe for the next season. A new way to play as adults, because we are still young.

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