Design Catwalk
NYC Won Hundred collections from Denmark

We may not come from north europe, but we definitely love Won hundred, created by Nikolaj Nielsen who did found it with the ambition to challenge the way fashion was grasped in native Denmark. We have to give to this brand extra bonus points for the ability to define a modern style with a very simple and progressive touch in their creations. If you peeped their website, you’ve certainly seen the experimental approach they’ve chosen also in their webpage. Maybe the navigation can be slightly disturbing to some who check the homepage on a tiny laptop, but I love the simplicity and lateral thinking they brought to their creative concept, from the typography style to the graphic layout, also including the lookbook and campaign shots. Landed in NYC this year, I really see in this brand a rising star that’s ready to pop up on practically every street and to flow neatly into any wardrobe. Do you want to ensure some gorgeous personal pieces? Just try their web application that make you mix new looks such as a veteran fashion stylist! And… guess what do I love most? The shoes… OF COURSE!!!



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