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Nova Chiu contemporary ethnic

When you think about “ethnic style” in fashion, you suddendly think about something inspired by the crafts of a specific country, often India or Africa, like embroidered caftans, traditional garments, traditional embellishments… nothing new, to say it all. Nevertheless, ethnic is a recurring trend, and often the designers try to make it new in some way.

It looks so effortlessly fresh in Nova Chiu collection! She graduated from The London College of Fashion in July of 2011, and suddendly recieved a prestegious honour at her graduate fashion show which was the Collection of the Year award.

Here is what she says about her collection:

Although China is the largest clothing manufacturer in the world, very little is known about Chinese ethnic fashion. Therefore my reasoning behind this collection is to introduce some of the undiscovered Chinese cultures to the modern world, as well as to provide some new creations to the contemporary fashion industry. This collection focus’ on Autumn/Winter 2012, and comprises all aspects of life in Shangri-La; such as clothing, the arts, landscape, lifestyle, and architecture. These were then transformed into a group of modernized garments by focusing on the silhouettes, textiles, and colours.

And actually, the volumes and shapes are contemporary, yet the embroidery are extremely rich and detailed, a single garment representing dozens of inspirations for people with an eye for details and new techniques.



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