Design Catwalk
Move baby. Don’t stand still.

I found my new favored of all times. The duo Reed and Rader is the sweetest, greatest, ironic, most loyal couple of photographers I have ever discovered on the web until now. There website is full of pearls and it actually took me a while to understand what their work was about…stylist? designers? illustrators? they just kidnapped my eyes and mind and I started following their animated images full of quotes and childhood dreams. Again. This work is not just one kind of fashion job; and if you watch their interview you understand it perfectly… simple passion and unfiltered attitude. Research, fun and love. I know I sound like a kind of hippy using those kind of words but I am a little like that: that’s what makes me happy, what transmits me energy and inspiration.

Go and see. There’s something for everyone: from gothic to horror, to pizza, to vintage video games, to stylish contemporary, to rap and pepper. One a day takes the doctor away. (italian motto)



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