Design Catwalk
MOI MULTIPLE at White Milan

MOI MULTIPLE by Anna Ceccon


The new collection from Moi Multiple gives body to that feeling through whisper light fabrics and fragile, intangible structures that protect like warm winter fabrics.

Caution Fragile:  Beware! Body and soul are to be elated, but also protected. That’s why Organza and silk creponne are set to heavier materials like wool crepe, Alcantara, felt and soft cashmere. Traditional lingerie details are reinstated and are brought again to the forefront, taking the role as semi-transparent scaffolding.

Unique combinations of materials give life to soft, ultra-light soft jackets that flaunt fluffy linings while passing between form and structure.

Gems, buttons and Tyrolean knots are set in Alcantara, giving an unexpected vacuum like effect. The particularities pay homage to yesteryear and captivating trompe l’oeils. The volume shared with the body draw a silhouette ever the more feminine and sensual.


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