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Min Song beyond modernity

One of the things that I like the most about my work here at DesignCatwalk is having the possibility to have a close look to the freshly graduates of the best fashion schools worldwide. Every week we receive tons of portfolios, press releases, pictures, emails, by students or young graduates willing to show off their – most of the times – amazing works, and sometimes it’s hard to choose.

During these years I noticed one thing. It is especially hard to choose when it comes to shoes. But unfortunately I don’t mean in the sense that everything is so WOW that it’s difficult to take a decision… the fact is that a shoe project in my opinion requires a higher level of perfection, in the making of the prototypes and also in the way it’s showcased, to reach an acceptable level to the viewer. I mean, if you miss a stitch in a dress, but still take a great shoot of it on a gorgeous model, you can however translate your concept and communicate quality. For shoes it’s not like this. Everything needs to be clean and flawless. An “I did it myself” appearance is just an insult to the eye.

This said, I was really happy to discover such a well made work when I saw Min Song’s portfolio.
This BA (Hons) “Cordwainers Footwear: Product Design & Development” graduate at London College of Fashion, 2011 Jimmy Choo Award winning / scholarship designer has defined her originality with new approaches toward the construction yet within minimal and edgy style.

Focusing on clean cuts and unique material combinations she has built her collection taking inspirations from orthopedic images and prosthetic bodies, pursuing beyond modernity and neo-minimalism.

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