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Meera Sethi and the colourful foreigner

Meera Sethi is an Indian-born, Toronto-based artist whose multi-disciplinary practice explores the relationship between material and nonmaterial culture, and the construction of self at this site. Her practice references Indian dress history, contemporary fashion and the global textile trade with a particular emphasis on clothing, fashion and identity.

Firangi Rang Barangi is the name of a series of paintings that celebrate the bold, unapologetic and creative personal style of people who cross vast cultural borders. “Firangi Rang Barangi” is Hindi for “colourful foreigner” and speaks to the perpetual sense of “otherness” or “outsiderness” that marks immigrant and diasporic communities.

This work references fashion, clothing, ornamentation and style from a range of different sources to produce an identity that is fresh and unique, yet deeply rooted in that diasporic, transnational experience.

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