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Maureen My Ngoc and her Inner-self jewellery

I love origami, during my studies as a graphic designer I had a modeling course where I had to create solutions to monthly tasks through paper. Maureen My Ngoc is a designer who decided to use paper to create very alternative jewelry, three-dimensionals patterns are mixed with geometric forms and stunning details.
Maureen My Ngoc in its project  Inner-self , was inspired by the feathers of a bird, her creations are shaped by thousands of  folded papers and can be flexible  toward movements of human body. At the same time when they are moved, they are  converted into complete new patterns, and the main meaning of this art is to build up a geometric sculpture from flat papers without using any glue, tapes or knitting.

Maureen is a Vietnamese Designer, she has a passion for discovering the art of Origami and would like to transform simple flat sheets into different complex shapes of high conceptual fashion jewellery design.



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