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Maria josé Gallardo . Psycho killers in fairy tales and military feel

If I had to talk about style and art, I would definitely think of the Spanish artist Maria josé Gallardo. I saw her exhibition at Delimbo art space in Seville and, if at first I was puzzled for all the many works collected together, as soon as I approached the paintings, I was pleasantly surprised for the meticulous details and her personal interpretation of fairy tales. I’m pretty sure that there is a kind of obsession in her work, one of the thing that intrigued me most was the hair style of the various characters.

She seems to have endless ideas, her girls could be an inspiration for who is fond of hair and talking of this, I’m quite sure that my friend “Azzurra” could love it. The are so many different topics in her work, moving from biblical episodes and worshipping objects to psycho killers and military feel, not forgetting of course  funeral prayers. More than anything else I wonder how long it took the artist to create this parade of stories. A work of art which sent me in a parallel world, where subjects we remember through old icons, are here pictured in a new glamorous way.

There are also other interesting details: I loved the frames shown in different sizes, the choice of colors of the baroque decorations,  the embroidery stitches, not to mention the taste with which Maria has depicted the ladies fabrics and textures (they are so gorgeous). I needn’t go to see other exhibitions for a while, since that Maria made me dive into a new fictional universe, with so beautiful and eclectic queens.  I think I’m going to check the price of some pieces to make a present to my mum who’s a very skilled embroiderer, I’m quite sure she will love it.

There’s only one thing that I didn’t get, why there are so many girls and not one man on the horizon… Following my short interview to Maria.


Morethanlove: How did you start?
Maria josé Gallardo: I’ve drawn since I was little, but I used the brush only for the first time when I was in college studying fine arts, about 17 years now … ugh!

Morethanlove: Where do you take inspirations from?
Maria josé Gallardo: I can not speak of “my method” because it absorbs many items daily, in the end the essence fades, although I recognise that working in a particular context (Sevilla in my case), determines formal proposals impossible to create in other places, one can not stay out of environmental suggestions

Morethanlove: Your women have a perfect hair styling, is something are you fond of?
Maria josé Gallardo: I really appreciate sophistication in style

Morethanlove: Your dress are very rich in details, are the fabrics taken from old clothes?
Maria josé Gallardo: I am passionate about the old and the courtly style of the Renaissance and Baroque, I also interested in vogue but I realised that fashion is cyclical. Most of the time we know the people by their packaging, fashion is not only linked to high social status (modest versions of clothes are equally valid), the elegance is not wearing an haute couture dress, has something to do with spirit and self-esteem.

Morethanlove: What do you think about illustration when combined with fashion?
Maria josé Gallardo:
Any art is a visual medium for the creation, validity of pieces is determined by quality

Thank you Maria!


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