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María Escoté The Queen of Hearts

“El Ansia” collection details by Rosa Copado

“El Ansia” collection details by Rosa Copado

It wasn´t in my plans to interview María Escoté during Cibeles Fashion Week in Madrid, but what I experienced during her show was just breathtaking. I had to have an interview with her and discover the world behind her collections.

The people were applauding, literally, it was like a bullfight arena, you could hear Ole! Ole! while the models were in the catwalk, it was a sublime experience.

When she explained to me what was “El Ansia” about, I discovered she could describe precisely how I feel right know.

Heartbroken, but still hoping that things will just get better and better; “There s always a light after the dark tunnel”, she told me during our conversation, since this collection´s meaning was the transition from Honolulu Dark (her past collection) through a dark path that ends in a Renaissance that leads to “El Ansia”; a collection with a lighter aesthetic, more illuminated, transparent, brighter.

Mother of pearl laser stamp died hats with 50 s patterns, silk and organzas, printed transparencies over sequins, georgettes, heart shaped dresses, denim patchwork and knitting, hair, bright and shinny long hair. Maria´s world if full of textures and fantasies.

The conversation we had was a little bit blurry, it was just two days after she presented her collection in Cibeles Fashion week, I really had no formulated questions, I just wanted to get to know her and her fascinating mind, temperamental but gentle; charismatic and witty.

Now I can say I finally talked to the real Queen of spanish fashion, María Escoté, the Queen of hearts.


“El Ansia” collection details by Rosa Copado

Detail of laser stamp died mother of pearl hat


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