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Manuel Bolaño Lullaby for a Goodbye

A/W 11-12 “Ensayo para una despedida” by Mathieu Vladimir Alliard

A/W 10-11″Por que todo ha de ser color de rosa?” by Gabriel Torres

You don´t even figure out about your deepest feelings until you expose them, until you materialize them, until you transform them into something everyone can see.

Manuel Bolaño, transforms his childhood memories, his heartbreaks and nostalgias into pieces of fine art meticulously created.

He gets attached to every garment like a a child. He knits, embroiders, makes the patters, sews, cuts. He challenges himself with every collection; he goes against the machines and technology and constructs as an artisan with his own hands and works in every detail. He makes sure that every piece has a little bit of him, something he gives away, yet something that deeply inside he´ll never let go.

This Catalan Designer or I must say hand crafter moved with his parents to Galicia when he was 3 years old. Even though he was little boy, he couldn´t let go those memories and he always wanted to come back to Barcelona. Later on he came back to his beloved hometown and graduated in Fashion Design at Felicidad Duce school. After a period working with Mango he decided to follow his own path and start his own label winning in 2007 the Bread and Butter price for best collection, he participated in several contests for young designers all around Spain and presented his first 080 Barcelona Fashion Week show in 2007.

His three collections “Algo de Mi”, “Por que todo ha de ser color de rosa?” and “Ensayo para una despedida” are a trilogy about his childhood memories; his early years with his mother, memories of his grandma, the forests and the mysticism of the landscape of Galicia, with “Peliqueiros” it´s color and folklore; with his last collection SS/12 “How to mend a broken heart” presented in July this year and winner of the price for best female collection at the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week, he talks about love disappointments and intimate moments that touched him forever.

Manuel Bolaño´s melancholy, sensitivity and genius touches my heart every time i see one of his shows.

After all being sensitive brings us closer to the most sincere side of beauty.


SS/11 “Algo de mi” by Anabel Luna

A/W 09-10 “Peliqueiros”


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