Design Catwalk
Make a pose. but in synchro(dogs).

Lo-fi language and imperfection in the framing, on one side; on the other, control of the image in its totality, with an experimental visual tension which is both mature and first class. In your pictures, an apparent expressive ingenuousness shares the stage with a sophisticated complexity of references – and in each one of them the innovative daring is remarkable“. That’s the Disturber‘s comment about Synchrodogs, the artist duo Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven who have been experimenting with high quality cameras since their “perhaps not-so-innocent youth. From frozen lakes to empty theatre stages across Eastern Europe, the duo have snapped haunting images of the surroundings available to them, often emanating a dark or eerie mood“. (DAZED)

The picture series that has their name is innocent and row, hard and romantic at the same time. And it makes you want to do the same thing, finding your pose and your mood somewhere in a field, your place, or better the place for you in a wood, on a hill, next to a stone. It’s makes you want to feel like a chamaleon covered in flowers and blend into beauty. It makes you want to have a story to tell and be proud of your pussy.

I discovered them on my facebook feed, probably in association with Masha Reva who got a collection shooted with them and told me: “we’ve met about 2 years, they were looking where to spend a night in kiev, and we proposed them our flat, but we knew each other only in the social networks at that moment… so they were really surprised when I proposed to make a photo shooting for the cover of one magazine next morning. We really had fun! Then we became really nice friends. They use to stay in our place when they are in kiev now and we are always having super crazy time together.. so the idea to make an art collaboration came naturally. First we’ve thought about something really trashy I could say, but then I got an idea that we have to move different direction – our aim is to produce a good quality product, to show what we are and what we could do as a team. So I began to organize a team, I invited a super cool stylist, Julia Pelipas, (she worked in Harper’s Bazaar Ukraine, and now she’ll lounch upcoming ukrainian Vogue this spring); so we just got super crazy all together – we have all freedom we want. The idea was to propose the ready project to fashion mags we love. I think finally we achieved our goal, loads of publications around the globe and the cover of British Journal of Photography…. that is already something!



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