Design Catwalk
Maiko Takeda’s magic shadows

To put the consumer in the center of the process. To make him the protagonist of the product. To create objects that enhance the user/wearer as a fundamental part of the object itself, that couldn’t work properly or even make sense otherwise.

That’s to me a strong trend and it’s clear in Maiko Takeda’s Cinematography collection and Atmospheric Reentry. In the first, Maiko creates jewels or we’d rather say body accessories, that take life creating and projecting three-dimensional like shadows on the body of the wearer. In the second, colorful plastic like spikes “grow” on parts of the body, creating unexpected effects of volume and textures, becoming sometimes almost furry, sometimes pointy, distorting and enhancing the body.

Maiko Takeda grew up in Tokyo and after having moved to London she studied Jewellery Design BA(Hons) at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and is currently doing a Masters in Millinery at the Royal College of Art.

Logic + geometry + space form the common denominator in all Maiko Takeda pieces. Within the pieces, there is the juxtaposition of various elements. Environmental influences such as shadow, wind and gravity, create an experience of wonder and bewilderment for the adorned. The form of her work itself can never be its sole feature as the extra element is always seeking to transcend the expectations of the wearer as part of the work.



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