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Let’s get married, let’s get graduate

While everybody’s getting married I keep preferring graduations…. but weddings have always been a show, a kind of a competition too…now they’re even trying to compete with festivals. Probably it’s just that money takes away that filter with reality that usually people have to deal with. Which is not always a bad thing. But sometimes you should think if you really want that crazy thing so hard…That’s what happens at fashion graduations for example…people who deals with crazy creativity and reality, some have not much money but really want their project to be happening: and so it is how something sometimes impossible comes out. And it doesn’t have that touch of ridicule or kitch that royal or star weddings, even if they where beautiful and sincere, appear to have on that gossip news pages and websites.

Have a look to the second part of Polimoda’s graduates collections, some of them also featured on vogue talents section.

and on our facebook page for the weddings, by the way.



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