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Last night a dj saved my life… or was it my new pair of shoes?

It’s just the human nature to approach big events, habits, believes: the “tribe” is a crossover concept that resumes a need of spirituality, brothership, help. In fashion, the tribes don’t often like to be so called, probably because fashion is still more individualistic than music, but the time will come when someone will say “last night a designer saved my life”.

Christophe Coppens made this theme the inspiration for the creation of the visual identity of his own tribe, his own sect, starting with a new range of accessories. A tribe dedicated to all sorts of new rituals originals such pleasure in her hair with a hat, wearing a scarf … experience almost touching the sacred, full of symbolic geometric patterns.

This new collection is showcased in a video in which the muse appears absolute Coppens, Roisin Murphy, both model and composer of the soundtrack. On this occasion, Murphy carries real haute couture pieces, which remind us of the tribal armor, diving equipment and samurai. Coppens’s creations are brilliantly reinvented into sculptural pieces of woven straw, fruit of his collaboration with Lieve Lieckens, the weaver’s most prestigious Belgium.



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