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La Maison du Couturier: “A taste education”

While postproducing the pics I understood better what he kept saying again and again in out chat. Lamberto Petri is the designer of la Maison du Couturier and he really designs for women: beautiful, simple, strong. A lesson from the past. But Lamberto is not a shy guy in the backlight: he has also his ethics.

We met for the second time, at Kiev Fashion Days and for me it was love at first for the convergence of our idea of fashion world.

In Kiev he had his first show, and you can find a ton of beautiful backstage pics, also made buy young and great photographers as Ira Nastevich and Matvey Gorodisskij (find them on FB).

here the interview: (first speaking, than writing-via skype)

J. Ciao Lambert, what are you doing in these days?

L. I’m working on the production of the summer coll. and putting together the samples of the next winter collection. and on 27th of Nov. And I’ll have a lecture at the Vintage fair in Verona.

J. tell me about your story.

L. It was difficult to start, also after years of experience as a designer. specially to find some money to invest and someone to produce my collection. I started with three coats, I had to do everything on my own. I attended a free course for production professional, sponsored by the European Social Fund.

J. Which ones are the central figures that helped you in your start?

L. Big buyers, who believed in me, and did have fear to show it, like Claudio Antonioli, Milano, Roberta Valentini from Penelope, Brescia and Andrea Stagi, Viareggio

J. what did you think now that you had your show in Kiev?

L. It was unbelievable, I cried…I understood that it is not a game anymore. I want to have my show in Paris now!

J. Tell DC about your idea of fashion world. You don’t have a shy attitude

L. I just tell about my experience, I don’t speak to get some fame or gossip. Fashion world is hard and also, unfortunately, chained in a stupid clockwork. Emerging designers usually get stuck. specially in Italy. It’s an impossible thing: no fashion fairs offer free or convenient corners, and show to clients is the first thing if you want to have a chance, and go on with your project. I started showing outside White, on the sidewalk. when I started having some press, people who passed over before, stopped. I don’t like this attitude. I believe in what I do. Why don’t do buyers the same? they have no taste education, it’s a massified behaviour. Only the real talent scouts are good buyers. everyone can win staking when the roulette’s already stopped; no budget excuse…your budget will grow (If you sell just the same old shit, whether if it’s good or bad)-my add-

here there was an interruption-in Verona, where he lives, he has no internet connection. He is skyping from his car in a square, with free wifi :D. That’s very Lamberto.

L. hey I’m back

J. what do you suggest to upcoming designers?

L. to never stop to go on, and knock at “The Doors”, those ones that hide people really understand and know fashion.

J. tell me about last collection’s theme.

L. it’s my woman. an easy and elegant woman helped out by the simple and deconstructed lines of my collection, that plays her role in every situation; she loves her life at home, but doesn’t renounce to nightlife. She lives at the Hamptons but goes out in the city.

J. RELAX and…cuddle and than maybe to kama privè where you play music for your friends (club in Tuscany,Italy-NB) J. give me some anticipations abut the concept store you are opening very soon in Pietrasanta,LU-Italy

L. OH! your are all invited of course, it is a new challenge in retail.

L. I will build a woman’s concept: not names and brands. And I want to stake my reputation as a buyer, with the attitude I’ve learnt from those ones who believed in me. It will be the Maison du Couturier woman together with emerging brands. This concept is missing in my region.

J. Send me the sound of your new collection

L. -is sending the file Jazzmopper J – High Wonder.mp3 to chat members-

J. relaxed rhythm as your mood.

L. mellow and sweet melody with a powerful background-base.

to face life with grit. everyday.



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