Design Catwalk
Kim Traeger’s Bunny fashions

The story is about a rabbit that was run over by a car when it was crossing a road at night. When it stands up with its intestines in the paws, it realises that is is the Easter Bunny. We follow the bunny from the accident to the hospital where it was patched together and then to the white forest. My idea was to create a feeling that was macabre and cute at the same time.

This is how the Danish designer Kim Traeger, BA 2011 at Central Saint Martins, explains the concept of her graduation collection. I think that he got her target: the collection looks cute and funny, with something really scary. (After Donnie Darko, I no longer look at rabbits just as cute fluffy pets)

The use of the white colour allows Kim to experiment and play with different textures, in particular in her wonderful knitted pieces.



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