Design Catwalk
Kay Kwok illuminated fashion

Sometimes it happens that you look at a collection and you think that you totally got the message of the designer and understood his inspiration at a glance. Then you read the press release and realize you didn’t understand pretty anything of it. It’s like when you look at a famous painting and think “uh, it makes me so happy, I’m sure that the artist wanted to express joy and peace” – and then you read it was the last painting before his suicide and it was meant to express pain and despair. Well, whatever. If you look at fashion as a form of art, I think you’re still free to give it a personal interpretation, not necessarily the same you read on Vogue, but sometimes neither the designer’s vision itself.

So I got to know that Kay Kwok MA graduation collection was designeed, as the press release states, with the inspiration of Ancient Egyptian Religious and Cosmology-the mysterious story behind Sphinx, the relation between the process of mummy erosion and the system of Ancient Egyptian’s constellation like Ancient culture of Solar,Lunar & Stellar story. Well, I’m not sure I got this part, what is sure is that the digital prints are amazing and it’s still a beautiful collection if you look at it as I did at first, thinking it as an attempt to reproduce different lighting effects on garments. So a plain suit becomes interesting because it looks just like it’s illuminated by the background, flaslights appear on the side of garments making them look almost asymmetric and struck by a beautiful, colorful, strenght.

You know, when something’s beautiful and communicate a concept, it’s still interesting whatever is the explaination.



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