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Karla Spetic: fresh air from Australia

I hardly ever talk about what’s going on on the other side of the globe (remember Fashematics?), since Australia looks to me like completely like another planet. But when I got to know the pretty and playful, modern and minimalist work of Karla Spetic, I just thought I had to share it.

Born in Croatia, she left her country because of the war in 1993, when she was 10,  to start a new life in Australia with her family. Having then graduated in 2005 from the renowned East Sydney Fashion Design Studio, Karla’s involvement in the fashion industry was formalised and set in stone with the launch of her self-titled label Karla Spetic in 2006.

Karla uses tailoring techniques to sculpt distinct shapes whilst emphasising the feminine silhouette. About her creative process, she says she finds peace when ideas are running through her head. “I don’t draw my designs. It would make it so much easier if I did sketch but then I get bored with it and don’t want to look at it anymore, I make a conscious decision to keep everything jumbled in my head so I never know what’s going to come out or how it will end up looking. So when things come to life – with my colours and prints and shapes and patterns draped on a dummy – that’s when I find peace; when I feel that satisfaction. And I feel really happy about that.

Signatures of her style: pastel colours, cut-outs, trompe l’oeil digital prints, clean shapes. Yet, looking at her collections, it looks to me like she’s still looking for her style. I’m sorry to say that the last one – combining transparencies with overscaled pop-art cartoon prints, it’s her collection that I like least – looks like someone told her “hey, down to earth, play safer, you have to sell”. Hope Karla will be daring again like in her porcelain collection, with gorgeous bicolor prints and cutout dresses, because I strongly believe in her talent and want to hear her name again soon.



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