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Just fell in love with….vozianov’s closes

Vozianov is an Ukraine label designed by Fedor Vozianov, that describes itself as “remaining within peculiar borders of wearability, comfort and certain visual conservatism” and “tending not to produce excess product in order not to pollute the market and visual environment”. I have not tried the clothes and I actually believe that contemporary design should manage through high-developed pattern making innovative but wearable shapes: but compared to many, I actually wouldn’t say that they look uncomfortable. Thou I like the definition of visual conservatism of a brand that includes toys and creates shoes (Irina Mussatova) that look like being able to weigh anchor in a second.
I love also the collection’s name “closes” from their major design idea “closed clothes”. mood of the collection = moderateness and aptitude to fly up. And all this just “for beauty”.



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