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Julian Zigerli’s luxury hiker

Julian Zigerli’s men’s collection stands for useful, smart and technical high-class pieces with a sporty touch. There is always a lot of love, color, humour and positivity involved in his designs. Julian Zigerli was born in Murten (Switzerland) in 1984, studied fashion design at the University of the Art in Berlin and graduated with diploma in 2010. After graduating from the Fashion Department at the University of Art in Berlin, he decided to return back to his roots in Switzerland and start his own men’s fashion label.

About the evolution of his personal style, Julian says:

My style is trying to find the right mix between sports apparel for every day and a product with a touch of humor: this, through the combination of hi-tech materials and the use of very sophisticated details in a practical mood, but at the same time fashionable. I like to de-contextualize existing details on some clothes and take them back fornew looks, as in the world of ready-made art. My style is focusing on the development of new prints and backpacks combined to jackets.

I felt the urge to create something that was not just a jacket with a backpack attached: it had to be something new, in which it was not possible to tell which of the two had begun. There are so many hybrids, from the mythological Medusa to the hybrid cars.

His first collection was called “Sugar, Spice and Everything nice”, that means putting together all the key ingredients in one container and cook them until you get the perfect piece.

His second collection “Over Stick And Stone” is developed around the theme of exploration, between the mountains and canyons of the big city. Zigerli’s man is a luxury hiker, the patterns on the garments make a whole with the surrounding environment, recalling lichens and moss of the woods.


last two pics via Weareyouneak


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