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Jesus was born to be king: part #1

Tina Barney

Helmut Newton

Wang Qingsong

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Clegg & Guttmann

Rineke Dijkstra

Annie Leibovitz

I recently visited the current exhibition at strozzina in Florence, taking the chance for one of the lectures they regularly hold (a very nice thing they do – for free). I couldn’t go for the opening and so couldn’t take people’s shoots, but the concepts and the works were this time really worth it. and I directly avoided the unproductive art-chat-drink-smile-show package that too often happens when the exhibition is a questionable excuse.
The videos were not just infinite sequences of unformed images but real stories: I had to stay more than two hours, although the art center is not that big.
The portraits have, in different ways, (as taken by different artists) a very familiar look yet kind of disturbing, uncomfortable feeling. Please take a sec to read the description and critics for the pics you like.

the curator says:
“Portraits and Power” explores portraiture and the representation of political, economical and social power in the contemporary world through the works of contemporary artists. Portraits of famous political figures, investigations into the lifestyle of the social elite, as well as inquiries into the power structures of international institutions.

The exhibition explores its theme from three main standpoints: it analyses power as an expression of the charisma of those individuals who have become icons or symbols of their age; it probes the power of institutions and social models that either represent themselves or are represented in a critical light; and it investigates the hidden mechanisms of powerful authorities.

…next week yuo’ll get the second part, and than also something about Annie Leibovitz: unforgivable that I didn’t write about her yet!



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