Design Catwalk
Jc de Castelbajac . The catwalk make you fly

JC de Castelbajac SS11 Über Tropikal Airlines from JCDCnews on Vimeo.

First off you decide to fly, the hostess are suddenly transformed in many models on the catwalk, the explanations of the flight staff are: sit down, fasten the seat belt and get ready to embark on an imaginary journey into the world of Jc de Castelbajac. We don’t really know if it’s a real trip or a fantastic one, or at least it is hard to understand, seen that we are projected in a fantasy land inhabited by a little prince and a rose, cartoons characters and animals patterns. The concept tell us: you’re going to leave this world to go to a parallel universe. But if the departure is clear, where you’re going to land not so much, during the show it seems you’re visiting several worlds of imagination, filled with characters totally far apart one from the other. I don’t  know, there’s something missing here, I like the original concept of the trip to other worlds, I like the clothes if you take them individually, but the catwalk misses consistency. Cartoons, fairy tales, safari animals,  can we put something more inside?



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