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I need a Talisman

After writing about a Wisdom Teeth a got more into an old passion: Talismans, Shamans, Art and Magic while listening to my new-bought album by SlowMagic. So I hunted for bones, stones and fur (as I already did in Beijing’s Panjiayuan market, also called Dirt Market, but should do also in well furnished chinese pharmacies) and found Wie-yi Lauw.

This austrian (with presumingly mixed origins) artist is born in Vienna in 1983 and is now based in Berlin where she attended an MA in “Raumstrategien” (! spatial strategies) at KH Art Institute Weißensee last year. For sure she has a relationship with China and specially Beijing where she stayed for one year between 2009-2010 to study Chinese Traditional Painting at the Central Academy of Fine Art while her official relationship with fashion is represented by her fashion photography BA achieved in London.

Her Talismans and Jewels are strong and neat and very close to nowadays fashion aesthetics and her artistic research focuses a lot on the body in the space like a shaman who dances and with its body-movements defines its powerful spells.

Scary but interesting is Wie-yi’s installation about the confessional (last pics): I have always asked myself why in catholicism people are asked to tell what they did to the priests while usually people are those who ask for answers and need stories and knowledge about previous experiences. All this made me want to go back to study and better understand this anthropological mix of history, religion, aesthetics and power, and refresh my knowledge about Joseph Beuys, artist, shaman, and rabbit talisman freak….



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